Q & A

Q & A

1.It is possible to include an expert´s salary in the budget?

Yes, an expert’s salary can be included in the budget, but it has to be reasonable and responsible for the work carried out on the project.

2.Can local action groups apply for project? If yes, where will be the grant amount transferred if they do not have their own bank account?

Local action group can apply for project under chosen civic association which can recieve the money on their bank account

2.1.If the local action group find an opportunity to apply for project with a civic association, it will be a project partner or the main applicant?

In this case civic association will be the main applicant.

2.2.If the civic association will be the main applicant in the project provided by the local action group can it submit another project?

No, applicant can submit only one application within the call as the main applicant. (as it is stated in Call for Proposals )

3.Can schools apply for a project?

According to the Call for Proposals schools can submit project application.

4. What documents has to prepare the co-partner organization? What is the mechanism of their participation in application?

The main applicant will just prepare the short and basic information about the co-partner organization – name, the type of organization, field of work. After the approval of the project, GaMCon team will request the confirmation of registration from applicant and all its partners. In case it will be the group of natural persons, GaMCon team will request their confirmation of registration as the interest groups/civil association etc. The information about the applicant is the most important for us. Provided that applicant will have the partners, very clear and specific contract stating the roles and responsibilities as well as financial aspects of participation between applicant and the partner will be the annex to the main contract between the applicant and GaMCon.

5.  When will be transfer the remainig 30% of the amount?

We will transfer 70% of the amount to the organization at the beginning and the remaining 30% will be transfer only after the implementation of the whole project – in other words, after the successful applicant spends 100 % of the funds. In the meantime, applicant may finance the project from their own resources. Only the properly reported (bank statements, contracts, bills) will be reimbursed (There will be the zero tolerance policy for any overpricing contract – in other words, if something usually costs in reality 1000 MDL and contract will be for 1300 MLD such cost will be the subject of closer review). We encourage the recipients to do the all financial transfers via bank and limit the cash operations to minimum (5-10 % of the overall budget).

6. Constructions of objects require project documents/plans/schemes, is it possible to cover it from grant’s budget?

The construction documents/plans/schemes needed for construction and repairing of some objects can be part of the project proposal and financially covered from grant´s budget. It is however necessary to state in the project proposal, that preparation of those documents will be part of the project. It is necessary to be very careful with calculations and proposals as there is no possibility with increasing the budget after the contract is signed and additionally – no reimbursements, when the activities and indicators are not met at the end of the project.

7. Definition of target group specification, thematic result, measurement unit and target value?

Target group specification- specification of people/group of people who will be directly and indirectly affected by the project

Thematic result indicator- result which indicates the achievement of project objectives. It is an output of the project.

Measurement unit- the unit on the basis of which the thematic result could be measured.

Target value- value that your target has to achieve. It is an achieved change compared to the situation before the project started.

8. If the project is submitted by an individual or an NGO in partnership with another organization, for example school or a mayor’s office or another NGO, what documents from the partner organization are needed and where it should be indicated in the application?

  1. project partners should be specified in part- Project description
  2. project partners have to attach- letters of intent and identification or registration documents