Successfully implemented projects

List of approved projects

Congratulations to all successful applicants! In order to finalize the grant contract please follow the requests received in email and proceed according to your best knowledge.

# Name Description Grant
1 Confectioners Training Center During the implementation of the project, it is planned to create a confectioners’ training center on the basis of the Comrat training and production plant. The main beneficiaries of the project will be the students-confectioners. The center’s work will become a vivid example of fruitful cooperation between NPO, educational institutions and state bodies in the person of the employment center. Modern equipment will allow us to develop our own unique methods and introduce new teaching technologies.
2 Creation of a multicomplex for sports and therapeutic physical training for children, young people and older generation The project involves the reconstruction of sports ground for children, young people and older generation, which will bring together people of all ages in the open air, in the most densely populated district of Comrat.
The project will be implemented by the City Hall of Comrat in cooperation and partnership with the local population of a microdistrict of Comrat and NGO “Vesta”.
This project was identified by the local community and submitted to support the authorities and donors.
3 “Carry good” Charity Center The problem of the Comrat, as well as the whole region, is a large number of socially vulnerable people. Wanting to help, society does not know how to behave and what organization to turn to. The lack of a mechanism to help this part of society created the necessity for the creation of this project. This project is aimed on creating an institution for material assistance to people in need. The Center will also train volunteers to provide assistance at home and help in organization of events.
4 Let’s Relax Together Public association «Aşaa Maala» in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Dezghingea (Steaua Bugeac ) and 3 local business representatives, intend to develop 2 recreation areas, and plant trees there, in two remote districts of Dezghingea. These recreation areas will provide relaxation opportunities for children, young and adult population of the village. Mobilization and involvement of local population in development of these shared recreation areas is one of the key components of the project.
5 Create social videos  Film studio for shooting social advertising where young people will be involved to write scripts for video and video editing. The videos will cover the burning issues that exist in our region. Such topical issues as pollution of the environment, deforestation, problems of people with special needs will be covered. Videos will be placed on the Internet, in the media. With the help of volunteers and local authorities, an event will be held to address these problems.
6 A GYM FOR THE MOST VULNERABLE SECTORS OF SOCIETY OF THE CITY OF COMRAT The main idea of the project is creating a gym with free classes of arm-wrestling and power sports for children, teenagers, retirees in the city of Comrat, as well as holding competitions in arm-wrestling and power sports. The gym will accept all applicants who do not have health restrictions. Power sports generate fortitude and resilience, goal achievement and respect to opponent in the rising generation. We involved Department of Youth and Sports and volunteers as project partners.
7 Each one can become a creator  The main task of project “Each one can become a Creator” is to open a handicraft school, which will give an opportunity to learn the skill of crafting and manual work for many teenagers, adults, children, including the people with disabilities. It promotes the revival of cultural haritage of Gagauzia. The local authorities provided the building in Comrat for the School creating, repair work is ongoing.Result of it will be organization of exhibition to present proceedings of pupils.
8 Co-working space for NGO and young specialists The project is aimed at creating suitable conditions for the work of young professionals in one working space. Co-working space will be an excellent platform for young NGO representatives and specialists of different profiles, as well as freelancers from all over Gagauzia. Excellent working conditions of different types of professions in one office will increase the productivity of each participant.
9 Mobile freelance centre in Gagauzia Mobile freelance center is a project in the field of fight against unemployment. Trainings are aimed at teaching young people the basics of self-employment, job features and client search. After trainings, work with freelancers will continue through the web platform. Interaction involves the provision of orders, assistance in the work and communication with customers. And also help in case of problems. Only transportable equipment, which will allow to conduct trainings in different settelments.
10. Cinema-Club This project aims on arrangement of cinema room. In this Cinema-Club will be held not only the showing of films , but also their discussion, as well as further training on acting and writing a script. This Cinema-club will work 2 times a week and it will be visited by 20 to 30 young guys a day between the ages of 15 and 25. The project is designed for the cultural development of youth, as well as for the development of the professional qualities of interested children.
11. Youth leisure centre “Active” The need to create a Center for Youth Development in the city of Ceadir-Lunga is due to the lack of conditions for a fullfledged leisure, creative self-expression and self-realization of the youth. The population of the city of Ceadir-Lunga is 19 thousand people, of which 20% are young people and at the same time there are only three public institutions in the city where youth can gather, and all of them indirectly influence the promotion of morally destructive processes.
12. Creative room for young people  The project is aimed on creation of a room for the development of creative thinking of youth through their self-realization. We will also provide them with free creative space in the field of music, dance, drawing and oratory, with the possibility of supplementing the opportunities on the initiative of the beneficiaries by themselves. We will unlock the potential of young people and help develop their talents, giving them complete freedom

Congratulations to all successful applicants! In order to finalize the grant contract please follow the requests received in email and proceed according to your best knowledge. In any other case we will come back to you after 8 January.

# Name Description Grant
1 Civil boost  An Internet portal that will contain extensive information about NGOs, projects and government programs. The site will highlight events and news of high relevance to civil society so that it can be discussed and expressed an opinion. The site will serve as a platform and a starting point for working with volunteers. Creation of an initiative group of volunteers, unification with the help of NGOs and involvement of volunteers from everywhere with international experience.
2 Capacity building and revitalizing of the civil society in Gagauzia  The project is aimed at strengthening the capacity of grassroot youth initiative groups in the field of civic engagement and sustainable functioning of the non-governmental sector. These areas will be implemented through comprehensive training for 15 young participants, supporting the establishment and organizational development of 2 youth NGOs and organizing a one-week internship in Slovakia’s NGOs. At all stages of the project will bring together local experts with experts from Slovakia.
3 “Increasing Youth Ecology culture”  Formation of ecological culture in the population is only possible with a highly organized society with the generated environmental awareness and community. Within ATO Gagauzia there are a multitude of environmental issues that we plan to bring attention to. We have planned a variety of trainings for local youth to bring more attention to the issues in Gagauzia and improve the local knowledge on enviromental problems. These youth will simultaniously be trained on how to resolve such issues.
4 School of Robotics – a modern approach to quality education  The non-formal educational course of the robotics offers use of the constructor Lego EV3 for teaching students the constructing, modeling and computer management during robotics lessons. Simplicity in the construction will allow children at the end of the lessons to see a model made by themselves, which the task was set by them. Nowadays there are no conditions for high-quality informational access for pupils of the Lyceum in name of D. Mavrodi, because of insufficient material base.
5 Music room  Within the framework of the project, it is planned to create a music room, where young people (including marginals) can spend their leisure time profitably, realize their creative potential, and also get an opportunity to express themselves through music. Besides, youth will get an opportunity to visit music room just to listen to music or learn to play musical instruments, but marginalized communities will
can more easily socialize.
6 Academy of Youth Development The project is aimed at developing practical skills for the youth of Gagauzia, such as: analysis of the problems of society, critical thinking, creation of ideas, determination and flexibility in decision-making, resourcefulness and enterprise, through non-formal education methods.
7 Photo Studio – the tool of expression of youth  The project envisages the creation of an art space for young people with a view of spending useful leisure time, who can express himself with the help of photography.
One of the elements of the ed ucational system is the organization of the work of the photo studio as a means of developing the creative activity and mentality of the youth.
Partner partners of the project will be NGO ZAMAN and volunteers from other states.
8 While there is life, there is hope  NGO UMUT, member of LAG Steaua Bugeac in partnership with the Resource Centre for children and youth with special needs UMUT and F.D. Yanioglo Theoretical Lyceum from Cioc-Maidan intend to arrange and develop a health improving recreational area for Lyceum students and children with special needs of Cioc-Maidan community. The intention is to place this area in the immediate vicinity of the UMUT Centre and Lyceum, in order to serve as the grounds for communication between children, including ….
9 Center for Young Innovators of Gagauzia Within the framework of the implemented project, it is planned to open a center for the development of skills in working with wood, metal, radio modeling and skills work on CNC machines. The main beneficiaries of the center will be the students of the mun. Comrat. The work of the center will be a vivid example of cooperation between business and non-profit organization. Part of the equipment will be provided by “Forsmotor” Ltd in Comrat. The part is planned to be received at the expense of grant.
10. We choose sport – creation of conditions for a healthy lifestyle, by means of construction of the sports ground  There are 3756 residents Beshalma village from whom 42% are teenagers and youth aged from 10 up to 30 years. Due to lack of opportunities for the organization of healthy leisure for youth they are interested only in gadgets and computer games. It is planned to create conditions for improvement of the younger generation of the village, by means of installation of the sports ground in a mudflow that will allow attracting to a healthy lifestyle of young people.
11. Public park for children, youth and adults in Chioselia Rusa village  The project involves the creation of a public park with playground for children and fitness equipment for youth and adults in the village of Chioselia Rusa, which will improve the quality of life of children, youth and adults. The park will be arranged in the central part of the village. It will be equipped with benches, playing equipment for children and fitness equipment for youth and adults. Also on this territory trees will be planted and public illumination will be installed.
12. Park “There lives joy”  It is planned to create a park zone in the village of Joltai, Ceadir-Lungsky district.
The park will include a playground and a sports ground. The whole territory will be refined, trees and lawn will be planted. In the park itself, the International Contest of Ethnic Pop Song “Budzhak Sesleri” will be held annually. The project will be implemented jointly with the local authorities and with the deputy of the village of Joltai. The project was also supported by local residents.