Working group 2

Social Infrastructure

In this broad direction decided to focused on a very important institution, in our opinion, – it’s the institution of the family and the child. The Republic of Moldova and Gagauzia faced many challenges and changes in the economic and socio-cultural nature for the last twenty years, which have indirectly caused various inequalities, including the ensuring the right of every child to the development, welfare and education. Socio-economic inequalities, the phenomenon of migration and brain-drain, mass emigration from the countryside and family splitting has a negative impact on the care and education of children, as well as their ability to achieve their maximum development potential. ATU Gagauzia experience positive birth rate and this fact forces the government of autonomy and the society to reflect on concrete steps to support young families, especially large families.
In our view, we must, together with civil society to develop a number of programs to provide all kinds of services, such as advisory and resource for young families of Gagauzia.

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