Working group 1

Regional Development

Regional development is one of the most extensive topics, which covers the economy, environment, agriculture, society, politics, public life and other areas that directly affect on the development of the region. Through comprehensive analysis of the situation in ATU Gagauzia, a number of factors can be identified that contribute to the development of autonomy. We would like to narrow the topic and choose the direction of a “regional development” – the tourism industry. This is due to many factors. First, Gagauzian region is unique for its habits and traditions which we intent to preserve and this is what makes our people friendly and respecting own history. Second, ATU Gagauzia produces unique products, such as wines, fruits, that also deserves attention and has perspectives for development. Lessons learned from other countries show that developing tourism, the government is developing several other industries at the same time, such as infrastructure, small business, development of rural areas and etc. Tourism in Gagauzia is a new and perspective direction, as it involves economic, cultural and social spheres of life. Creation of tourist infrastructure, elaboration of tourist routes and the identity of all attractions, support of ethnic centers in each local center, establishment of a tourist information center in Gagauzia – all of this can be discussed and analyzed during the meetings of this working group.

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