Working group 3

Education and Culture

Culture is a fundamental part of life of Gagauzians. ATU Gagauzia was established on the basis of the cultural needs of the Gagauzian population and aims to preserve the language, habits and traditions of the Gagauzians. To put this in reality, the Comrat State University was founded in Gagauzia and has become a regional center of education and culture. Moreover, a research center with purpose to analyze the problems of language and culture preservation of Gagauzians has been established.
However, our educational system is far from perfect and we intent to change this situation through – besides other – introduction of non-formal education methods and closer cooperation with regional government. Trainings, seminars, courses, symposia, creation of new and improvement of existing curricula, introduction of new technologies and techniques of learning will allow us to change this situation.
Within the framework of this working group we would like to discuss the important issues of educational reform and cooperation with the central government, since the question of competence in the field of education is very relevant.

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