Local development support

The main idea of this part is to support particular ideas and initiatives of local activists and CSOs and to support it through the modality of call for proposals aimed to target the needs of local community. These calls are aimed directly at small-scale projects which represent more flexible, operative and effective financial support for developing countries and for community building in general.

The amount of financial sources will be divided into two main baskets.
The first basket (85% of the overall call for proposals budget) is designed for broader local audience, in other words, for all civil society organizations and groups of activists in Gagauzia.
The second basket (15% of the overall call for proposal budget) is designed to support the ideas and initiatives of young leaders that have had participated within ACTIVE YOUTH activities.

Priority will be given to proposals that focus on the following:

  • foundation and development of local CSOs and groups of activists,
  • community, leisure time and sport facilities building and reconstruction,
  • assistance to marginalized communities,
  • revitalization of public spaces,
  • creation and revitalization of parks and rides,
  • water and waste management,
  • construction of the waste collection and recycling sites, etc.

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