Second Session of Working Group Education and Culture

Second Session of Working Group Education and Culture

GaMCon Team will conduct Second Session of Working Group “Education and Culture.” Meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 23, 2017 in Regional Gallery of Arts of mun. Comrat starting at 10:00 with the opening remarks by Olesea Tanasoglo – Deputy of Bashkan of Gagauzia.

Discussion during the first session of Working Group Education and Culture focused mainly on two subjects- means of development of local language and methods of non-formal education. Based on the discussion among experts from Working Group and other relevant stakeholders we have decided to focus on questions regarding the processes of non-formal education as we consider this subject more relevant and perspective. In this context we have chosen experienced local expert – Radion Velchev, whose main task will be to present several main issues that has been identified during the first session: to introduce process of non-formal education; results of the use of non-formal education methods; the possible scenario of introduction of these methods in Gagauzia; possible barriers and risks. The task of Slovak expert, Milan Cicel, will be to provide, first of all, Slovak experience in the introduction of non-formal education methods and to give examples of successful use of non-formal education methods, in combination with formal one.

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This event is supported by the European Union.

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