Capacity Building

About experts

Svetlana Mironova
Mironova Svetlana is a lawyer, Doctor of Political Sciences. The theme of her doctoral dissertation was “Political Relations of the ATU Gagauzia (Gagauz-Yeri) with the Central Authorities of the Republic of Moldova: Relations and Perspectives”.

Since 2009, she works as the head of the Office of the People’s Advocate in Gagauzia. The sphere of interests is observance of human rights both in the Republic of Moldova and in Gagauzia. She is engaged in constant legal advice to citizens in the field of constitutional rights of citizens. A separate area is the legal education of citizens through the holding of seminars and trainings.

Svetlana Mironova since 2001 is a teacher at the Faculty of Law of Comrat State University. She holds the post of assistant professor of the Public Law Chair and also specializes in analyzing the balance of the legislation of the Republic of Moldova and Gagauzia. She constantly participates in different scientific conferences and seminars.

Svetlana Mironova is an expert in the activities of most public organizations in Gagauzia and methodological legal assistance to the nongovernmental sector.

Miroslava Vozaryová
Miroslava Vozáryová is the lawyer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic where occupies the post of the director of the Department of Legislation and Legal Affairs. She also works at the Faculty of Law of the Comenius University of Bratislava as the assistant within the Department of International Law and International Affairs. She has gained experiences in various EU projects focused on interior affairs and EU agenda because for 17 years she has been employed by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic and last 2 years led the Section of Legislation and International Affairs. She was a member of group for assistance in Croatia accession process, member of Visa Working Group within EU Council, member of Readmission Committee within the EU Commission, member of the International Criminal Court Working Group, member of International Humanitarian Law Committee, member of national Management Board for Migration and Integration of Foreigners.