Local development support

Call for project proposals - GYLP

In this call only participants of GYLP (GaMCon Youth Leadership Program) can apply!


Status: CLOSED
Submission of proposal: April 25, 2018
Results: May 11, 2018

The main goal of the GAMCON call for GYLP participants is to support the local initiatives of active youth with the focus on the needs of respective communities throughout Gagauzia. This call is aimed at small-scale projects which represent more flexible, operative and effective financial support for community building.

Priority will be given to proposals that focus on the following:

  • community, leisure time and sport facilities building and reconstruction with the focus on sustainability of their use,
  • infrastructure reconstruction and building with focus on youth development,
  • assistance to marginalized communities and creation of facilities for them,
  • revitalization of public spaces (with the focus on sustainability of their use), parks
  • building capacities of local CSOs and stakeholders,
  • development, implementation and organization of activities dedicated to IT,
  • organization of trainings, educational and non-formal educational activities,
  • construction of the waste collection and recycling sites,
  • research activities, creation of innovative hubs and platforms, networking of active people,
  • foundation and development of local CSOs and groups of activists.

Full version of Call for project Proposals – GYLP here.

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